Harry Potter: 10 Times Hermione Granger Saved The Wizarding World

Would Harry have saved the Wizarding World without the help of Hermione Granger?

Hermione Granger was the smartest, most gifted and brightest witch of her age. She may have spent most of her time buried in a good book, but there’s no denying that when push came to shove, Hermione was a total badass. Without Hermione’s quick thinking, exceptional book smarts and undying loyalty to her friends, it would be fair to assume that Harry, Ron and the entire Wizarding World would’ve been utterly destroyed by Lord Voldemort and his followers.


For the latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, I’m going to shine a  light on some of Hermione Granger’s bravest acts! In the list below, I’ve ranked ten moments (there could have been so many more) where Hermione’s intelligence and bravery saved the Wizarding World.

Check out the list below:

10. When She Found Out Who Nicholas Flamel Was

Harry Potter

If Hermione weren’t the worlds biggest bookworm, the trio would never have found out about Nicholas Flamel or the Philosopher’s Stone.

9. When She Saved Ron & Harry From Davil’s Snare

Harry Potter

If not for Hermione’s ability to pay attention during class, Harry and Ron would have surely died at the hands of Devil’s Snare. Then who would’ve stopped Voldemort?

8. When She Made Polyjuice Potion

Harry Potter

How would the trio have infiltrated the Slytherin common room and questioned Malfoy if it weren’t for the Polyjuice Potion Hermione brewed to perfection?


7. When She Used The Time-Turner

Harry Potter

Let’s face it, Harry would have had the life sucked out of him by a Dementor if Hermione didn’t use the Time-Turner to go back and save Sirius.

6. When She Tricked Delores Umbridge Into The Forbidden Forest


If Hermione didn’t lead Harry and Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest, Harry and Dumbledore’s Army wouldn’t have been able to travel to the ministry to see if Sirius was safe. Okay, so this might have inadvertently led to Sirius’ shocking death, but better safe than sorry…right?

5. When She Put A Stinging Jinx On Harry To Conceal His Identity


I think we can all agree that Harry, Ron and pretty much everyone else would have been screwed if Hermione didn’t hit Harry with a stinging jinx, concealing his identity from Bellatrix.


4. When She Packed Everything The Trio Would Need

Harry Potter

I daren’t even wonder what the Wizarding World would look like if Hermione hadn’t appropriately packed everything the trio would need for their final adventure.

3. When She Figured Out How To Destroy The Horcrux’s

Harry Potter

They might have been able to find the Horcrux’s, but there’s no way in hell the trio would have been able to destroy them if Hermione didn’t figure out that they need the sword of Gryffindor.


2. When She Taught Ron How To Properly Say Wingardium Leviosa

Harry Potter

Harry, Ron and Hermione would’ve been horrifically murdered by a troll if Hermione hadn’t embarrassed Ron and showed him how to properly levitate objects.

1. When She Didn’t Give In To Bellatrix’s Torture


We always knew Hermione was smart, but her ability to withhold information from Bellatrix, even after hours of torture, showed that she was just as brave and strong as Harry Potter himself.

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