Harry Potter: Coolest Magical Objects In The Wizarding World, Ranked

From the Deathly Hallows the Harry’s Nimbus Two Thousand, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is packed full of wonderous, terrifying and powerful objects. Over the course of the seven books and eight movies, Harry and his friend (plus a few enemies) come across more than a few magical objects, many of which bring something new, exciting and fresh to the beloved story.


For our latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, we’re looking back at the entire Harry Potter series, including both the books and the movies, and we’ve managed to come up with a list of our favourite magical objects.

Check out the list below:

10. The Mirror of Erised

The Mirror of Erised is an incredibly rare and dangerous magical artefact, as it reveals the deepest desire of any person who stands in front of it.

9. Time-Turner

The Time-Turner that appears in the Harry Potter series is just one of many, although they are extremely rare. Time-Turners are magical devices that transport the user back in time, allowing them to change specific events.

8. Deluminator

A Deluminator or a Put-Outer is a mysterious magical object that is able to remove and restore light to a specific area.  A Deluminator also has the incredible ability to guide its user to where they are needed most.


7. Resurrection Stone

One of the three Deathly Hallows, the Resurrection Stone is one of the most powerful and dangerous items in the Wizarding World, as it allows the user to temporarily resurrect the dead.

6. Sword Of Gryffindor

Forged thousands of years ago by a Goblin King, the Sword of Gryffindor is a beautiful and useful weapon, which presents itself to Gryffindors in times of need.

5. The Marauders Map

Created by the Marauders, this mystical map is an enchanted piece of parchment, which expertly reveals the location of every wizard, witch and ghost on Hogwarts’ grounds. Even the best cloaking spells can’t trick it.


4. The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone is a legendary object, created by the great Nicolas Flamel. The Stone has the power to transform any metal into pure gold and produces the Elixir of Life, which makes the drinker immortal.

3. The Elder Wand

The Elder Wand is one of the three legendary Deathly Hallows. As the most powerful wand ever created, the Elder Wand gives its user more power than any other wizard.


2. Pensieve

Used only by the most powerful witches and wizards, Pensieves are extremely rare and dangerous magical objects, which give the user the power to re-live and re-examine memories.

1. The Invisibility Cloak

The Invisibility Cloak is one of the three Deathly Hallows and a useful item in the Wizarding World. The cloak has the ability to make its wearer (and anything else) invisible.

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10 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Coolest Magical Objects In The Wizarding World, Ranked

  1. Sweet list of magical objects! I hope we get to see the sword of Gryffindor again in an upcoming Wizarding World franchise and wonder if it can be transported and used by someone else who needs it to win a fight, even if they’re not part of Gryffindor or Hogwarts.

    Favorite magical object? Hmmm…you’ve listed some of the coolest ones out there. I like the introduction of Felix Felicis in “The Half-Blood Prince” because as powerful as it it, Slughorn comments there are side-effects and consequences of misuse. So for the sake of storytelling it was used sparingly and effectively. I have an Auror costume with a mini-bottle of Felix Felicis as a necklace charm ^^

  2. The Firebolt Broom is one of me fav magical objects, awesomely fast, agile, and a beautiful work of art. I love Quidditch!!

  3. I even got a custom made Puddlemere United Quidditch robe and custom made Quidditch pads, goggles too. When I first wore it, I got chills, felt like a real QUidditch Player with me Firebolt Broom I got from Noble Collection.

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