Harry Potter: 10 Secret Santa Gifts That Every Potterhead Will Adore

I think we can all agree that choosing the perfect gift is an impossible task, but thanks to the immense collection of merchandise available, things are at least a little bit easier when you’re dealing with a Harry Potter fan. With the most magical holiday just around the corner, I’ve decided to list all of my favourite Harry Potter gift ideas! From wands and jewellery to clothing and chocolate, this list will certainly help you find the perfect gift for that obsessed friend of yours!


For this article, we’ve made sure to include some cheaper items (perfect for secret Santa) as well as your more expensive products. Where possible, I have included links to make purchasing these magical gifts even easier!

10. Wizarding World Sweets

Harry Potter

If you’re looking for something quick, cheap and easy for Secret Santa this year, you really couldn’t choose anything better than Wizarding World sweets. From Chocolate Frogs to Berty Botts Every Flavour Beans, there are so many incredible snacks that your fanatic co-worker will adore.

Available Here: The Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 ¾.

9. Hogwarts House Winter Kit

Harry Potter

If your friend, colleague or loved one is a true Harry Potter fan, I’m probably correct in assuming that they’ve taken the test and discovered which Hogwarts house they belong to. If that’s the case, why not surprise them with one of these awesome Hogwarts house-themed winter kits! Including a knitted house scarf, bobble hat and mittens, this is a gift that no Harry Potter fan could possibly refuse.

Available Here: The Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 ¾



Harry Potter

When it comes to buying the perfect Wizarding World gift at an affordable price, you really won’t find anything better than Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Funko Pop! Figures. With almost every Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts character to choose from, these wonderfully adorable figures will look perfect with any book/movie collection!

Available Here: Pop In A Box

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Harry Potter

Thanks to these beautiful replica notebooks, you and your friends can feel like you’re learning everything Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has to offer. With a variety of notebooks to choose from, including Advanced Potion Making and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, these notebooks make for the perfect gift!

Available Here: minalima


Harry Potter

Nothing screams Christmas more than an outrageously fluffy and ridiculously cosy Xmas jumper! Thankfully, there are plenty of Harry Potter Christmas jumpers to choose from, so you should have no problem finding the perfect gift this holiday season!

Available Here: Merchoid



Harry Potter

If you’re looking for something different to buy that special someone and you know they’re obsessed with Harry Potter, why not surprise them with a beautiful piece of Wizarding World-inspired jewellery. From stunning necklaces to badass rings and bracelets, there’s an endless supply of Harry Potter jewellery available, so I have no doubts that you’ll find the perfect gift!

Available Here: The Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 ¾.

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4. Magical Object Replicas

Harry Potter

If you’re looking for something a bit more expensive, movie replicas are certainly the way to go! The Wizarding World is full of intriguing and badass magical objects, most of which have now been made available to fans. From Hermione’s Time-Turner to the Marauders Map, there are an incredible amount of replicas that would make for the perfect Christmas gift!

Available Here: The Noble Collection



Harry Potter

When it comes to buying the perfect Harry Potter gift, there aren’t many things more exciting than LEGO! If you’re looking for something small and relatively cheap, LEGO offers smaller sets that would be perfect as a Secret Santa gift, while also giving you the opportunity to go big with more expensive sets like the full Hogwarts Castle.

Available Here: LEGO

2. Replica Wand

Harry Potter

Star Wars fans have lightsabers, Batman fans have Batarangs and Harry Potter fans have wands! Most Harry Potter nerds would agree that when it comes to gifts, there aren’t many things better than a replica wand. These screen-accurate and ridiculously cool replicas look incredible alongside any collection and there are plenty of wands to choose from!

Available Here: The Noble Collection

1. Tickets To The Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Harry Potter

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for a Potterhead, it’s impossible to deny that a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London is the ultimate surprise. Here fans will see how the Harry Potter movies were brought to life and will be given the opportunity to walk through many of the sets used in the series.

Available Here: Warner Bros.

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