Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix: 5 Most Iconic Moments, Ranked

The Harry Potter series is full of incredible moments, with each film delivering epic scene after epic scene. It’s almost impossible to choose which moments are our favourites, but over the next few weeks, that’s exactly what The Blog That Must Not Be Named is going to do! To celebrate some of the best scenes in the Harry Potter film series, we’re going to be looking at each film in the franchise and ranking the five best moments it has to offer!


From the formation of Dumbledore’s Army to the tragic death of Sirius Black, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is one of the more mature, emotional and thrilling Harry Potter films, as the young wizard is forced to accept his destiny and oppose Lord Voldemort.

Here are our five favourite moments from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix:

5. Dumbledore’s Got Style

The Harry Potter movies did a pretty decent job of displaying Dumbledore’s incredible power, but this is quite possibly our favourite scene featuring the legendary wizard. He might seem like a wise and good old man, but Dumbledore is an outrageously complex and powerful character, which is displayed perfectly in this small but effective scene.

4. Hermione Beats Ron

Sometimes the smallest moments can become the most memorable or iconic! This beautifully charming scene, which shows Hermione easily kick Ron’s a** in a practice duel, is a wonderfully fun and uplifting moment. Helping to brighten a somewhat dark chapter of Harry’s journey, this scene is unquestionably one of the most entertaining and genuinely fun moments in the entire series.


3. The Weasley Twins’ Greatest Prank

You can always count on the Weasley twins to lift spirits with an explosive prank! Playing a prank on the evil new headmaster, Professor Umbridge, Fred and George define themselves as Hogwarts’ greatest pranksters. In what is an otherwise dark and emotional chapter, this iconic scene brings joy and laughter to the franchise, making it one of our all-time favourites!

2. Sirius Black’s Tragic Death

Sirius Black wasn’t the first Harry Potter character to die, but his passing was easily the most painful (up to this point). Bellatrix killing Harry’s godfather is easily one of the series’ most heartbreaking and shocking moments, which is why it lands to learns the top of this list!


1. Dumbledore Vs. Voldemort

Looking back at the entire Harry Potter series, there aren’t many moments or sequences that rival Voldemort and Dumbledore’s epic wand battle in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Not only is this a visually stunning scene, it finally displays exactly how powerful the Wizarding World’s most famous wizards truly are!

Do you have a favourite moment in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Doesn’t matter how many times I watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or read the book, I always cry and breakdown during the apart when Sirius dies. I feel that same loss and sadness and unbearable sense of loss just like Harry. Then I feel that uncontrollable rage and hate targeted at only one person, Bellatrix Lestrange.

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