Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince: 5 Most Iconic Moments, Ranked

The Harry Potter series is full of incredible moments, with each film delivering epic scene after epic scene. It’s almost impossible to choose which moments are our favourites, but over the next few weeks, that’s exactly what The Blog That Must Not Be Named is going to do! To celebrate some of the best scenes in the Harry Potter film series, we’re going to be looking at each film in the franchise and ranking the five best moments it has to offer!


From the emotional death of Albus Dumbledore to Professor Snape’s somewhat unsurprising turn to the dark side, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince features some of the series’ most emotional, shocking and mature moments, as well as a few surprisingly uplifting and heartfelt scenes!

Here are our five favourite moments from Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince:

5. Ron Chooses Hermione

Ron Chooses Hermione - Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Even in this incredibly dark, shocking and emotional chapter of Harry’s journey, J.K. Rowling and director David Yates managed to insert a number of lighthearted and surprisingly fun moments. Seeing a very sick Ron choose Hermione over Lavender is an outrageously fun and uplifting moment, which is perhaps one of the most hilarious scenes the entire franchise has to offer.

4. Harry And Draco Duel

Harry And Draco Bathroom Duel - Most Iconic Moments In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

It’s the moment we waited six-ish movies to see, Harry and Malfoy finally going head-to-head! While we’ve seen Harry and Draco face-off before, the bathroom fight in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is an outrageously gritty and surprisingly violent sequence, which displays exactly how far the series has come since we first travelled to Hogwarts!


3. Wands Raised For Dumbledore

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince - Wands Raised For Dumbledore

The Harry Potter franchise is full of inspiring speeches and heroic moments, but perhaps the series’ most rousing scene is also one of the saddest! Watching the Hogwarts teachers and students raise their wands to the sky and abolish Voldemort’s dark mark from the sky is a deeply emotional moment, but is also incredibly powerful and uplifting.

2. Snape Reveals Himself As The Half-Blood Prince

Snape is the Half-Blood Prince - Most Iconic Moments In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.png

After six movies spent wondering if Snape was good, evil or just kind of bad, the truth is finally revealed in this insanely badass moment! While we would later learn that Snape was working alongside Dumbledore the entire time, the characters incredibly shocking turn to the dark side stands as one of the series’ most beautifully executed moments!


1. Dumbledore’s Fall

Most Iconic Moments In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

There were certainly some emotional character deaths before this one, as well as a few heartbreaking ones after, but the death of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is quite easily the most impactful and shocking character death in the entire Harry Potter series! Watching Professor Snape step out of the shadows and deliver Dumbledore’s killing blow is an utterly tragic moment, which is without question the most iconic scene in the sixth film.

Do you have a favourite moment in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince? Let us know in the comments section below!

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