Harry Potter: LEGO Reveals 6 Magical New Wizarding World Sets

Master Builders, Assemble!

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and LEGO have announced an all-new line of Harry Potter LEGO sets, giving young witches, wizards and muggles the chance to create some of their favourite Wizarding World locations, sequences and adventures.


Six magical new sets have been announced, featuring some of the Harry Potter series’ most iconic locations, characters and moments! The sets will be officially released in June (01/06/2020) and will be available to pre-order on April 30th from LEGO.com and selected retailers.

Marcos Bessa, LEGO Harry Potter Design Lead said on the release:

“Each year we get the chance to recreate some of the most action-packed and exciting settings from the films. We hope these new products inspire young builders around the world to believe anything is possible as they act out their own adventures in the Wizarding World.”

Take a look at the new Harry Potter LEGO sets below:

LEGO Harry Potter 4 Privet Drive

This incredible set, which contains 797 pieces, depicts Harry’s iconic escape from 4 Privet Drive and the Dursley’s in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. Featuring the Weasley’s troublesome Ford Anglia, Dobby the House Elf and a very upset looking Dursley family, this LEGO set is a must-own for LEGO-obsessed Potterheads.

Pre-Order From Zavvi

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Room of Requirement

Harry Potter LEGO

This 193-piece set comes from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix and gives builders the opportunity to create the wonderous Room of Requirement! Featuring Harry, Hermione and Luna as they conjure a Patronus and duel against practice dummies. The set also includes a sliding door as well as detailed portraits of the Order of the Phoenix and Cedric Diggory.

Pre-Order From Zavvi


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

This massive 971-piece set features the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower from Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, which is of course where Albus Dumbledore meets his fate. This beautifully detailed set features Professor Slughorn’s classroom, the Hogwarts Greenhouses and the Ravenclaw dorm, which was never seen in the movies. The set also comes with a number of beloved characters, including Harry and Hermione, who are dressed to impress at the Slug Club Christmas party.

Pre-Order From Zavvi

LEGO Harry Potter Forbidden Forest: Umbridge’s Encounter

Harry Potter LEGO - Forbidden Forest

Harry Potter fans can journey into the Forbidden Forest with this amazing 253-piece set, which re-creates the moment Hagrid’s half-brother Grawp and a group of centaurs take down the insufferable Professor Umbridge.

Pre-Order From Zavvi

LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig

Offering fans the opportunity to build something a little bit different, this 630-piece set is a beautiful and outrageously detailed re-creation of Harry’s beloved pet owl, Hedwig. This set is made infinitely cooler by it’s moving wings. As you can see in the images above, a turning crank allows the wings to move up and down to make it look like Hedwig is gliding through the air.

Pre-Order From Zavvi

LEGO Harry Potter Attack on The Burrow

The final set announced by LEGO is certainly the most exciting! This outrageously cool 1047-piece Harry Potter set is a full replication of the Weasley family’s somewhat unusual home, The Burrow. Depicting the moment Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback attack The Burrow in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, this is undoubtedly one of the coolest Harry Potter sets to come from LEGO.

Will you be purchasing any of the newly announced Harry Potter LEGO sets? If so let us know which set you’ll be building first in the comments section below! The new LEGO Harry Potter collection releases June 1 2020.

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