Harry Potter: De-Muggle Your Home With These Magical DIY Tips

With the continued growth of Covid-19 aka. Coronavirus around the globe, the outside world is a pretty scary place (Forbidden Forest kind of scary!), so why not make the most of the situation and turn your inside world into every Harry Potter fans dream! From Wizarding World-themed wallpaper to magical decor pieces, we couldn’t think of a better time to make a few changes and add a bit of magic to your home!

For our latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, we’ve decided to round-up some ideas and list our favourite Wizarding World-themed pieces, which will help transform your home into the apple of every Harry Potter fans eye!

Check out the list below:

5. Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts LEGO

Harry Potter LEGO

It’s no secret that we’re totally obsessed with LEGO at The Blog That Must Not Be Named! Their incredible new range of Harry Potter sets allow for the perfect excuse to mention them here! That’s right…we believe LEGO is just as much art to be displayed as any poster, painting or drawing. If you’re lucky enough to fit The Hogwarts Express in your nerd-cave or have just enough space for the new Escape From 4 Privet Drive set in your lounge, LEGO is the perfect way to add some magic to your home!

4. Harry Potter Soft Furnishings

Harry Potter Cushion From Zavvi

How about Harry Potter-ing up your sofa?!? Zavvi offers an incredible range of Lord of the Rings, Disney and Harry Potter merchandise, so we’re sure you can find the perfect item! With a great selection of Harry Potter cushions, you can spend your time in lockdown getting cosy with a warm beverage, great film and a comfy cushion.

3. Wizarding World Bedding

Harry Potter Bedding From Very

I’m sure every Potterhead has at least one Wizarding World character they’d love in their bedroom (am I right!?!) How about some Harry Potter-themed bedding to spice-up your boudoir! Very.co.uk offer some brilliant bed sets, which would be perfect for the wizards at heart that don’t necessarily want Harry Potter merchandise all over their house. Wizarding World bedding allows you to let your nerd flag fly, just a little lower down the pole!

2. Wizarding World Wall-Art

Harry Potter Wall Art - Etsy

Wallpaper too in your face? Worry not, you can still wizard-up your walls! We all know Etsy is home to all things weird and wonderful, but this set of four ‘Harry Potter inspired’ prints and utterly sensational. These mostly black & white graphic prints posted by PixelGamesUK are enough to add sparkle to any dull corner of bare wall of those basic Muggle homes!

1. Harry Potter Wallpaper

Harry Potter Daily Prophet Wallpaper Design By MinaLima

MinaLima, the Harry Potter franchise’s own graphic designers, created a handful of wallpaper designs that sit comfortably in our top spot for Wizarding World decor…we love them! The choices range from a Daily Prophet Newspaper print to a giant Marauder’s Map and even a cute Quidditch themed design! Pick one and make your new feature wall magical!

We like to be inclusive here at the blog that must not be named, so for a more budget-friendly alternative, Wilko offers a ‘Mischief Managed’ wallpaper. This version of the Marauders Map has awesome glow in the dark features – meaning your home can be magical at all times!

Will you be adding some/all of these magical decor pieces to your home? Have you made any Wizarding World-themed additions to your house? Let us know in the comments section below this post!

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