Harry Potter: 10 Magical Activities To Keep You Entertained In Lockdown

Don’t let the quarantine get you down! Complete these magical Harry Potter activities to keep yourself and your loved ones entertained while self-isolated.

Following the incredible success of our previous article, “10 Ways To Survive Self-Isolation If You’re A Harry Potter Fan“, we wanted to provide more Wizarding World activities for the many individuals and families that are struggling to stay entertained in these difficult times!


For the latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, we’ve come up with ten more Harry Potter and Wizarding World-themed activities, to help keep Potterheads around the world through these troublesome and undeniably boring days.

Read our tips below and beat the boredom:

10. Make Your Own Potions

If you’re really bored in quarantine, put your best Professor Snape hat on and make your very own potions! Using small vials, labelling them and filling them with ordinary ingredients like salt, sugar and breakfast cereal makes for some authentic-looking Harry Potter potions!

9. Harry Potter Colouring Pages

if you’re looking for a fun, satisfying and time-consuming Harry Potter activity, look no further than Harry Potter colouring pages! You might think Harry Potter colouring pages are for kids only, but with sheets ranging from simple to ridiculously challenging, there’s fun to be had for Potterheads of all ages!

8. Make Your Own Golden Snitches

You can’t play Quidditch without your own Golden Snitch! Using ping-pong balls, glue, gold spray paint and some marker pens (glitter also helps), you can create a handful of magical looking Golden Snitches!


7. Knit Yourself A Hogwarts House Scarf

If you’re into knitting and want to reveal your Hogwarts House to the world, why not knit yourself a stylish Hogwarts scarf? Show your school spirit with a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Slytherin scarf!

6. Make Your Own Magic Wand

How are you supposed to cast spells or conjure your Patronus without a magic wand? Olivander’s might be closed due to Coronavirus, but you can make your very own wand using materials from your own back garden. Just find a cool looking stick, gather your paint and glitter and get going!

5. Harry Potter-Themed Candles

There aren’t many DIY activities we find more fun than making your own candles, but the Wizarding World makes everything more magical! From Hogwarts house colours to unique Harry Potter scents (Butterbeer), there are so many options when it comes to Harry Potter candles!


4. Harry Potter-Themed Cakes & Treats

If you’re like everyone else, we imagine you’ve been doing plenty of baking while in quarantine. From adorable buns (possibly featuring a Niffler?) to impressive cakes (go big or go home), there’s plenty of Harry Potter-themed baking activities to make your days in quarantine even more magical!

3. Harry Potter Home Decor

If you’ve read our recent post, “De-Muggle Your Home With These Magical DIY Tips“, you’re more than prepared to transform your Muggle house into every Potterheads dream! From magical wallpaper to Harry Potter-themed cushions, there are plenty of options when it comes to transforming your home!


2. Make Your Own Harry Potter Chocolate

For so many people, quarantine has been bearable because of one thing and one thing alone, chocolate! Instead of just buying plain old chocolate from the shop, add a little bit of Harry Potter fun to your snack and create your own Wizarding World-themed chocolates. You could get creative and do all the work yourself, or you could buy one of these amazing Harry Potter chocolate/ice moulds.

1. Harry Potter Family Quiz

Being trapped at home with your family can be stressful at times, but you can easily make family time more fun with a Harry Potter family quiz! Who doesn’t love a good ol’ quiz, especially when it tests your Harry Potter/Wizarding World knowledge!

Will you be trying any of these awesome Harry Potter activities? Let us know what you’ve got planned in the comments section below!

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