Harry Potter: These Practical Wizarding World Products Will Be An Amazing Addition To Your Home

We understand now more than ever that this is a financially difficult time for my of our readers, but if lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that you deserve a Wizarding World treat or two to lift your stuck-at-home spirits. We also understand that it can be immensely difficult to justify the purchase of aesthetic merchandise, as it has no practical use in your everyday life. To tackle this, we’ve decided to share our favourite practical and perfectly justifiable Wizarding World-themed products!

Our love of Zavvi catalogue is no secret here at The Blog That Must Not Be Named, from Disney to Marvel, Star Wars and all things Wizarding World! Here’s a list of all our favourite, practical Harry Potter-themed merchandise that we believe will come in handy around your home!

Note: All of the items on this list are available to purchase through Zavvi and we have provided links to each individual item! As you may or may not know, we are a Zavvi affiliate, which means that we get a small cut of every purchase made using one of our links! If any of our top picks catch your muggle eye, please hit the link and help us keep the lights on!

7. Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Door Mat

Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Door Mat


We are pretty sure the purpose of a doormat is no new, revolutionary concept to anyone… but a ‘Wizards Welcome’ doormat is the perfect article to let visitors know your love for all things Wizarding World. With the addition of ‘muggles tolerated’ letting them know exactly where they stand should they (for some unbeknownst reason) not share this love!

Love the idea of a merchandise doormat… not so keen of the quote? There are loads more doormats available that you can hunt for by CLICKING HERE.

6. Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter


We know right – so cute!

Bring a nod of fandom to your kitchen, weather for your kids; to make your house the favourite breakfast spot for family and friends; or just to make yourself smile, this toast-cutter and eggcup are perfect! You can choose from Harry or Hermione but Harry is definitely our favourite.

More interested in a Hermione egg cup? Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

5. Harry Potter Colour Change Glass

Harry Potter Colour Change Glass


Colour changing… what!?

Obviously, a drinking glass isn’t mind blowing, but wait, when cold water is poured into the glass the monochrome Hogwarts crest reveals its colours. You could say it’s like magic! This glass is the perfect stocking filler for those organised Wizards already thinking about the C word, or just to add some magic to your kitchen cupboards!

For more magical glasses and mugs CLICK HERE.

4. Harry Potter Hufflepuff Embroidered Cap

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Embroidered Cap - Black


Don’t quote us but… humans loose about 10% of their body heat through their heads (we think) along with the unpredictable English weather – a good cap is essential. In plain black material with gold embroidery this cap is a subtle yet special way to un-muggle any outfit! You can choose from every Hogwarts House or a Golden Snitch design means its perfect for every sort of Wizarding World lover out there.

For the Golden Snitch, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor caps CLICK HERE.

3. Harry Potter Marauders Map Umbrella

Harry Potter Marauders Map Umbrella


As we all know, the British weather system is no joke! Keep yourself dry whilst flashing passers-by an insight into your personality with this Wizarding World themed umbrella, featuring the design of one of our favourite Harry Potter magical items – The Marauders Map

2. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Towel 75cm x 150cm

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Towel 75cm x 150cm


We know, we know… it’s awesome!

This Marauders Map themed towel is the perfect way to magic up your bath-time, hint to your Wizarding World love in a guest bathroom or let your nerd flag fly and use as a beach towel. This merch item could be used daily – there’s nothing more justifiable to your bank balance than that!

Love the idea of a magical towel, check out the full collection of bath time pieces by CLICKING HERE.

1. Harry Potter Always Phone Case for iPhone and Android

Harry Potter Phonecases Undesirable No. 1 Phone Case


How stunning!?

We’ve found this gorgeous, subtle yet really special phone case for a gentle nod to fandom in your everyday life. Suitable for both android and iphone it’s perfect for every sort of wizarding fanatic out there!

Love the idea of a Wizarding World phone case, not in love with the design? Find more Harry Potter phone cases by CLICKING HERE.

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