Harry Potter: 10 Wizarding World Fan Theories We Wish Were True

Launching in 1997 with Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, the tale of Harry Potter is one of the most beloved and iconic stories ever told. Like every pop-culture phenomenon, both on the page and the big screen, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has consumed the imagination of its monumental fanbase, resulting in some truly wild fan theories.


While the Harry Potter books and movies were completed a number of years ago, Potterheads around the globe are still obsessing over the series (myself included!) and coming up with their own ideas and theories about the story. For our latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, we’re shining a light on some of these theories and ranking a handful that we wish were considered canon by the larger Harry Potter fanbase.

Check out our ranking below:


Albus Dumbledore is actually a time-travelling Ron Weasley!

This theory, which is easily one of the strangest, suggests that Albus Dumbledore is actually a time travelling Ron Weasley from the future. How else would Dumbledore know EVERYTHING? you’ve also got to consider Dumbledore and Ron’s shared love of sweet treats!


In order to punish the Malfoy family, Lord Voldemort orders Fenrir Greyback to turn Draco Malfoy into a Werewolf.

Always wonder why Draco Malfoy’s behaviour changed so much towards the end? Fans think they’ve figured out why! This theory claims that Lord Voldemort ordered Greyback to turn Draco into a Werewolf to punish the Malfoy family.



The Dursley’s were so nasty to Harry because they were in the presence of a hidden Horcrux for a large period of time.

This just makes a lot of sense! This theory puts across the idea that the Dursley’s were so cruel to Harry over the years, not because they were terrible people, but because they spent so much time with a Horcrux!


Dumbledore refused to hire Snape as the Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher because the position was cursed.

This wonderful theory suggests that in an attempt to protect Severus Snape from the cursed Defence Against The Dark Arts position, Dumbledore denied him the job time after time.



After defeating Lord Voldemort and fulfilling the prophecy, Harry Potter is immortal.

This fan theory not only makes sense, but it also makes the series so much more heartbreaking. Looking closely at the prophecy, this theory believes that after defeating Lord Voldemort, Harry is truly immortal. This is utterly traumatic, as it would force Harry to sacrifice his chance to see many of his loved ones again.


Crookshanks actually used to belong to the Potters.

Okay, just stick with me for a moment! This theory believes that Crookshanks was actually James and Lily Potter’s cat. Where the evidence, you ask? Well we know that Crookshanks spent a great deal of time in the Magical Menagerie and instantly recognised Lupin and Sirius in their animal forms.



There was once a war between the wizarding world and muggle world, which the muggles eventually won.

I mean, this just makes sense!


Dementors were attracted to Harry because he carried a piece of Voldemort’s soul.

If you always wondered why the Dementors were particularly fond of young Harry Potter, this theory may provide some answers. This suggests that the Dementors continued to attack Harry because they could sense the piece of Voldemort’s soul within him.



The “horrific act” Lord Voldemort completed to create a Horcrux was cannibalism.

We may never know what “horrific act” Voldemort completed to create the Horcruxes, but this theory has a pretty good guess. Fans strongly believe that Voldemort resorted to cannibalism to create the seven Horcruxes.


Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter and Severus Snape are the three brothers. Albus Dumbledore is Death.

When you put some serious thought into it, this theory makes a whole lot of sense. Taking a look at the entire series, this theory suggests that Harry, Snape, Voldemort and Dumbledore are the characters from The Tale Of The Three Brothers.


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4 thoughts on “Harry Potter: 10 Wizarding World Fan Theories We Wish Were True

  1. Harry Potter is possibly a heir of Slytherin (He is definitely related to Voldemort)

    In the Half Blood Prince, Marvolo Gaunt shows the ring bearing the resurrection stone belonging to the middle brother. He points out that his family are descended from him.

    We also know the cloak of the youngest brother was passed down father to son making him also a descendant of the three brothers.

    Now if Slytherin came before the 3 brothers then they would be heirs of Slytherin meaning that as a descendant so would Harry.

    Whatever the timeline Harry and Voldemort however distantly are related

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