Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived Gets His Very Own Statue In Leicester Square

A bronze statue depicting Daniel Radcliffe’s beloved Harry Potter has joined the Scenes in the Square statue trail at Leicester Square in London. The statue, which shows the iconic wizard flying his Nimbus 2000, joins other movie icons from the past 100 years, such as Bugs Bunny, Batman, Paddington, Wonder Woman and more.


The statue represents the beloved sequence from Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone where Harry played his first ever game of Quidditch, and captured the Golden Snitch for Gryffindor! The statue was officially unveiled at a socially distanced even in Leicester Square earlier today, with host Alex Zane revealing the statue.

Speaking about the latest statue to join the Scenes in the Square trail, Zane said: ‘Harry Potter has brought so much joy to fans around the world and many like me have grown up with him, so it’s fantastic that he is taking his rightful place here in Leicester Square where I was lucky enough to host the series’ final premiere. I can’t think of a more deserving addition to Scenes in the Square.’

The Scenes in the Square trail will stay in London’s Leicester Square until at least July 2023, which gives Potterheads around the U.K. time to visit Harry and his iconic Nimbus 2000!


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