February 8, 2023
According to new rumours, Warner Bros. is developing Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts spin-off shows for HBO Max...(Read More)

As I speculated way back in June, Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a number of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts spin-off shows for HBO Max. According to various sites, including Mugglenet, sources have revealed that the studio is currently planning to develop shows for a number of Wizarding World characters, with Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald being the names that have appeared most online.

It goes without saying, but with no confirmation from Warner Bros. or HBO Max, this is still nothing more than an exciting rumour. It’s also worth noting that reports claim Warner Bros. is only in the planning stages, which means it will likely be years before we see any of these shows appear on HBO Max.


With that said, the idea of Wizarding World shows on HBO Max is certainly enough to get excited about! I’ve said many times before that if Warner Bros. wants to compete with the likes of Disney+ and Netflix, they will need to push some of their biggest properties, such as DC Comics and the Wizarding World, onto the streaming service. While I would personally prefer to see original shows instead of spin-offs for pre-existing characters, I’m more than excited to hear that Warner Bros. is at least discussing the idea of bringing the Wizarding World to HBO Max.

If forced to guess when we might see a Wizarding World show appear on HBO Max, I’d have to say that it probably won’t be until the current Fantastic Beasts film franchise, which isn’t even halfway through, has concluded. Even then, I imagine it will take a great deal of time for Warner Bros. and HBO Max to develop a series worthy of the Harry Potter franchise.


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