Harry Potter: Stocking Filler Ideas To Make This Christmas Even More MAGICAL

Looking for the perfect stocking fillers this Christmas? Worry not dear Potterheads, The Blog That Must Not Be Named has your back!

To help make things a little bit easier this Christmas, we’ve collected a few of our favourite ideas for small stocking filler presents. I want to say perfect for kids, however, most of the items on this list would be my 25-year-old boyfriend’s idea of heaven!


Whoever your buying for, even if it’s yourself, these budget friendly stocking filler ideas are a great way to add some more magic to your Christmas morning!

Take a look at the list below:

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures

You can’t go wrong with this series of Lego Harry Potter Mini Figures, both adult Wizarding World, Lego fans and little witches or wizards will have fun trying to collect the full set. Grab a couple these mystery bags to kick-start their curiosity! Sold in most superstores, they won’t be a tricky habit to get them hooked on!


Harry Potter Notebook & Wand Pen

This stunning stationary set made up of a Hogwarts School and Hogwarts Express notebook and matching pen is such good value for money! The notebook is sleek and elegant, not even a touch tacky as some merch can unfortunately fall into the trap of! This makes it perfect for all muggles: adults or children.

Harry Potter Selfie Props

Bring some selfie fun to the festive season with these Harry Potter inspired photo props.


Harry Potter Playing Cards

Making for a fun ‘after dinner’ game on Christmas Day these Harry Potter themed playing cards can spice up some old and forgotten card games for the younger, more magical generation.

Harry Potter Daily Prophet Card Holder

Gorgeous! This cute Daily Prophet print card holder is such a practical yet fun stocking gift. It is, of course, available in other deigns however this one is our favourite… and we can’t believe its under £5!


Harry Potter Plastic Shopping Bag

This shopping bag is perfect for the eco-friendly Potterhead, saving the muggle world one plastic bag at a time – or just storing all their Wizarding World bits and bobs.

Harry Potter Stationary Wallet

This stationary set is absolutely bursting with Harry Potter goodies! Perfect for kids, to make their 8-3 school day a little more magical!


Deathly Hallows Keyring

Who doesn’t love a keyring! This simple Deathly Hallows Keyring is the perfect addition to any stocking or sack full of goodies!

Will you be taking our advice when it comes to Harry Potter stocking fillers? Let us know in the comments section below this post. You can also find The Blog That Must Not Be Named on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter!


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