Harry Potter: These Festive Wizarding World Clothes Are A Must-Buy This Christmas

Who, aside from old Mr. Scrooge, doesn’t love a nice, warm and undeniably cosy Christmas jumper? How about some magical accessories? For everyone here at The Blog That Must Not Be Named, Harry Potter-tje,ed Christmas clothes are a definite YES!


For my latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, I’ve collected some of my personal favourite Harry Potter and Wizarding World-themed clothes, and placed them below. this way, you can find the perfect Harry Potter Christmas outfit without having to scour the internet.

I’d Rather Stay At Hogwarts Christmas Sweatshirt

Starting away from the classic (meaning itchy) Christmas jumper, this pull-over Harry Potter sweatshirt is a modern way to add Christmas to your casual style, and what could be more relatable for the festive times that that amazing slogan…are we right?!?


Official Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Candles LED Christmas Jumper

Not only does this knitted Christmas jumper feature an incredibly cute Hogwarts design; it also lights up! That’s right, the candles are real LED bulbs, so the floating candles really flicker just like they do in the Great Hall!



Harry Potter All I Want – Women’s Christmas T-Shirt

Now, we live in England, and for those of you that do as well, you’ll know that the weather is impossible to predict – especially at Christmas. That’s why we think a Christmas t-shirt, featuring a stunning Harry Potter design, might be exactly what Madam Pomfrey ordered.


Harry Potter Santa Hat Christmas T-Shirt

This wonderful and ridiculously Christmassy Harry Potter character design t-shirt is simply adorable. We love to support small businesses here at The Blog That Must Named, and we consider Etsy to be the perfect place to find unique, stylish and utterly magical unofficial Harry Potter merchandise.



Harry Potter Globe Moon Women’s Sweatshirt

We LOVE this simple but effective Hogwarts design. This undeniably magical sweatshirt is perfect for those Potterheads that prefer a more subtle not to fandom, or a toned-down festive theme!


Harry Potter Hogwarts House Knitted Hat

Nothing screams Christmas quite like a bobble hat, and we’ve found the perfect item for all of you Potterheads! We know bobble hats aren’t “technically” Christmas items, but they make for the perfect finishing touch on any Christmas outfit. These festive Hogwarts House bobble hats are the perfect addition to you Christmas ensemble.


How much do you love these Harry Potter Christmas items? let us know in the comments section below this post! You can also find The Blog That Must Not Be Named on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we love to geek-out over the Wizarding World.


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