Harry Potter: 5 Ways The Books Are Better Than The Movies

It’s the age-old question: Are the Harry Potter books better than the movies?

I think we can all agree that while the Harry Potter films do a great job of bringing J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World to life and adapting Harry’s story for the big screen, the films don’t fully capture the magic of the source material.


For our latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, which also happens to be our very first post for the new year, we’re listing five ways the Harry Potter books are superior to the movies! While it would be easy to assume that this post is in some way attacking the Harry Potter movies, worry not fellow Potterheads, we will also be publishing our list of the five ways the Harry Potter films are better than the books.

Read our list below:

5. The Books Feel Like They’ve Come From One Person

When it comes to ways that the Harry Potter books are better than the film franchise, we must discuss the fact that the Harry Potter books all feel like they were came from one single creative mind, rather than a handful of different filmmakers. While I personally love that every Harry Potter movie looks and feels different, there’s something special about the books all feeling like one massive book.


4. You Meet Characters That Don’t Appear In The Movies

While most of the characters we meet in J.K. Rowling’s books appear in the film series, especially the important ones, there are some beloved characters that never make an appearance in the movies. While film fans won’t really care or notice the absence of these characters, book fans will always question why we never met some of these amazing characters.

3. More Time To Tell The Story

One of the biggest advantages the Harry Potter books have over the movies is the amount of time they have with the audience. J.K. Rowling had more time to tell Harry’s epic-scale story, which gave her the ability to flesh-out the Wizarding World and the many characters that reside within her stories.


2. Everything Is Explained In More Detail

This is an easy one, the Harry Potter books are able to explain every moment, decision and action in much greater detail. J.K. Rowling really takes the time to tell each of Harry’s story and there’s an incredible amount of detailed crammed into every chapter of the series. It would have simply been impossible to add this much detail into a feature-length Hollywood blockbuster.

1. You Hear Harry’s Thoughts

When it comes to the ways that the Harry Potter books are better than the movies, you can’t ignore the fact that the books give us a look into what Harry is thinking and feeling at every point throughout the series. This makes it significantly easier to build a connection to The-Boy-Who-Lived, even when you don’t necessarily agree with what he’s saying or doing.


There you have it, our list of the five ways we think the Harry Potter books are better than the movies! Do you agree with our list? Do you think the films are superior to the books? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, make sure you check out our upcoming post listing the five ways we think the movies are better than the books.

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  1. There is no way you actually think things are explained in more detail in the books. Rowling’s imagery in the action sequences leaves more than something to be desired.

  2. I agree, but actually this is not saying a lot. This text could be about every book series, so maybe some examples? I don’t want to hate or something, but it is a bit short explained.

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