Harry Potter: 5 Ways The Movies Are Better Than The Books

Here at The Blog That Must Not Be Named we recently listed five ways the Harry Potter books are better than the movies, so to be fair to both sides of the argument we thought it would be fun to discuss five ways that the Harry Potter film franchise is superior to the book series.

Now we know this post will be quite controversial, given that almost every Potterhead rants non-stop about the book series being superior to the movies, but it would be impossible to claim that the Harry Potter movies, which are some of the biggest blockbusters of all-time, didn’t improve upon the books in a number of ways.

Take a look at our list below:

5. Every Film Feels Unique

While we LOVE that J.K. Rowling’s creative style can be felt in every book, making the series feel like one long novel, there’s something incredibly fun and exciting about the fact that every Harry Potter movie looks and feels like it came from a different filmmaker. Every movie in the series, even those directed by the same filmmaker, has a unique look, style and tone.


4. Gets To The Point

The Harry Potter books are filled with an incredible amount of detail, and while we love every class that Harry attends and every small moment from the books, we must admit that it’s sometimes enjoyable to watch the Harry Potter movies and not have to worry about all of the filler between major story points.

3. The Re-Watchability

Unlike the book series, which takes an immense amount of time to read from beginning to end, it’s incredibly easy to pull-out your Harry Potter box-set and binge the entire franchise. Say what you will about the movies having less detail than the books, but it makes it much easier to get your Harry Potter fix to sit down and binge the movies.


2. The Cast

We understand that there’s something special about creating the look of your favourite book character using only your imagination, but it’s impossible to deny that the Harry Potter cast, including the older and younger actors, are a big advantage that the film series has over the books. From Daniel Radcliffe to Alan Rickman, it was glorious to see these incredible actors embody our favourite Wizarding World characters.

1. Blockbuster Action

J.K. Rowling delivered some undeniably good action sequences in the Harry Potter book series, but nothing compares to big-screen, Hollywood blockbuster action. The Harry Potter movies took some of the best scenes in the series and made them infinitely more badass, including the epic-scale battle sequence in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.


Do you like the Harry Potter movies more than the books? Let us know in the comments section below this post, or head back and read our list discussing how the Harry Potter books are superior to the movies. You can also find The Blog That Must Not Be Named on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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