Harry Potter: Everything You Need To Know About Ravenclaw House

Let me guess, you’ve just taken the official Wizarding World sorting quiz and discovered that you belong in Ravenclaw? If that’s the case, you’ll undoubtedly want to know everything there is to know about Ravenclaw, from famous members to interesting facts. Worry not, The Blog That Must Not Be Named has you covered! If you take a look at the post below, you can learn everything you need to know about your Hogwarts house – including what it takes to become the ultimate Revnclaw!

Ravenclaw Founder

Rowena Ravenclaw was a founder of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin. After opening thew school, Rowena founded her own Hogwarts house, Ravenclaw.


Head Of Ravenclaw House

Professor Filius Flitwick is the head of Ravenclaw house during the events of the Harry Potter series. The first head of Ravenclaw house was Hogwarts founder, Rowena Ravenclaw.

Well-Known Ravenclaw’s

We meet a number of Ravenclaw students/teachers in the Harry Potter series, including Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, Filius Flitwick and Sibyl Trelawney.


Ravenclaw Emblem

The emblem for Ravenclaw house is an eagle (we’re not sure why it isn’t a raven), the house colours are blue and bronze.

Ravenclaw House Ghost

Every Hogwarts House has its own ghost, which acts as a mascot for the house. Ravenclaw’s house ghost is the Grey Lady, otherwise known as Helena Ravenclaw.


Ravenclaw Common Room

The Ravenclaw common room is located at the top of Ravenclaw Tower, behind a door with an enchanted knocker. The Ravenclaw common room is said to have the best views of Hogwarts Castle and its grounds.

Traits Of A Ravenclaw Student

If you have been sorted into Ravenclaw, it is most likely because you are a brainy, hardworking and academically motivated individual. Ravenclaw students are known to be the smartest that Hogwarts has to offer, although there are occasional exceptions like Hemrione Granger.


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