Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Which Harry Potter Character He’d Want To Play In A Reboot

Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, just revealed which Harry Potter character he’d like to play if the series were ever rebooted, and his answer is perfect!

While Daniel Radcliffe has been working almost non-stop since the final Harry Potter movie was released in 2011, starring in projects like Miracle Workers and Swiss Army Man, the actor will forever be recognised for his starring role in the Harry Potter film franchise.


Radcliffe, who spent ten years playing Harry Potter in the mega-successful film franchise, recently showed-up on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, where he revealed which Harry Potter character he’d like to portray in a future reboot.

“I would probably want to go with like, Sirius [Black] or [Remus] Lupin,” he told Happy Sad Confused host Josh Horowitz. “Those were always the two characters that I was like, ‘They’re great.’

And also like, I’m obviously biased by my experience of filming those scenes, with those people, and they’re like some of my favourite memories.”


Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) and Remus Lupin (David Thewlis) made their Harry Potter debut in the third book/movie, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. Following their introduction, Sirius and Lupin became fan-favourite characters, with author/creator J.K. Rowling giving the pair larger roles later in the series. Of all the supporting characters on display in the Harry Potter series, Lupin and Sirius are without question two of the most complex and intriguing heroes, so it’s easy to see why Daniel Radcliffe would be attracted to those roles as an actor.

While I don’t believe the world is ready for a Harry Potter reboot, at least not for a few more decades, it would be wonderful to see Daniel Radcliffe step-in to portray a different Wizarding World hero. What do you think, would you like to see Daniel Radcliffe as Remus Lupin or Sirius Black in a Harry Potter reboot? Let me know in the comments section below this post!


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2 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Which Harry Potter Character He’d Want To Play In A Reboot

  1. Yeah I don’t think so, he did decent enough as Harry even though his appearance was wrongly portrayed. Supposed to have James’ messy hair and Lily’s green eyes, only time he came mibirly close to having the messy hair style was in Los and even then wasn’t really that close. I can’t see him as playing Lupin or Sirius. I mean that’d be like having Adam Sandler play Darth Vader. Gary Oldman did it brilliantly though as Sirius and David Thewlis did good as Remus, but Daniel as one of the two nope. Playing more of a comedy role or less serious role yeah I could picture Dan doing that’s mainly what he’s done even when he was the villain in Now You See Me 2 (which was a joke) wasn’t even really ab intimidating or serious villian was just comedy and that ain’t Sirius or Remus and I don’t think He would fit in either of those roles just cuz he ain’t that type of actor.

  2. I honestly think *he might* act well for the role, but he really doesn’t look like any of them. And I also think some new person should take the role if there’s a Harry Potter re-boot.

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