Daniel Radcliffe Says He Hasn’t Been Contacted About Future ‘Harry Potter’ Movies

If you were even slightly excited about the possibility of Daniel Radcliffe and the original Harry Potter cast returning for more Wizarding World adventures, it might be time to pump the brakes! During a recent interview, the Harry Potter star revealed that there are currently no plans to bring the original cast back together for another movie.

During a recent interview with SiriusXM, Radcliffe was briefly asked about comments he made regarding which character he’d like to play in a Harry Potter reboot (his answer was Sirius Black or Remus Lupin). The actor, who has appeared in various projects since he retired his wand and broomstick, also revealed that he isn’t opposed to returning for more Harry Potter movies, but made it clear that he hasn’t been contacted by anyone at Warner Bros.


“No, that has not happened. I think that, I think I’m remembering right. That the question was like a hypothetical of who else would you have liked to play in this series? Um, but yeah, it’s, there’s always going to be, you know, talk of some sort of, uh, but, but it genuinely, genuinely is always like a lot more in the media than in actuality. Like I’ve never been contacted by anybody about any future Harry Potter films. So, you know, it’s, I don’t think it’s something that is, uh, is, is coming. But like, of course, now that I have said that, uh, they will certainly, I brought it upon myself now.”

Watch the interview below:


It’s not surprising to hear that Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t been contacted about future Harry Potter movies. Despite various rumours about a sequel franchise and HBO Max TV series, Warner Bros. currently has its hands full completing the Fantastic Beasts series. With that said, I believe it is more than likely that we will see Harry Potter return to the big screen one day, so maybe Radcliffe should stay close to the phone.

Daniel Radcliffe, who was cast as The Boy Who Lived when he was just eleven-years-old, starred in all eight Harry Potter movies – before retiring his wand following the release of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2. The actor can currently seen in the latest season of Miracle Workers on TBS (U.S. only). While you might not see the actor return as Harry Potter anytime soon, you can always go back and re-watch the Harry Potter movies.


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