Would ‘Harry Potter’ Work As A Television Series?

When it comes to a book or series of books that would work perfectly as a television series, there are none that would work better than the Harry Potter series. For our latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, were discussing why we think a Harry Potter television series would be the best way to reboot the beloved franchise.

While it would be undeniably terrifying to see a new adaptation of the Harry Potter series, especially because we love the original movies so much, it’s impossible to deny that the Harry Potter books are perfectly suited to be adapted into a television series.


There are many different ways to bring Harry Potter to the small screen, all of which would be a massive success for Warner Bros. The studio could decide to produce a fully-fledged reboot of the film franchise, hiring new actors and filmmakers to remake the series for television. If it were up to us, however, we would be most excited to see Warner Bros. and HBO Max announce an animated Harry Potter series. This would give creatives the opportunity to present the Wizarding World in an entirely new way – without recasting (aside from the voices) the beloved Harry Potter cast.


Compared to the Harry Potter film adaptations, which were forced to cut a lot of the source material away for timing purposes, a live-action or animated television series would give filmmakers the opportunity to offer a more faithful adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s novels. Since the Harry Potter film franchise first landed in 2001, television has grown to rival even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters – with many creatives preferring to tell their stories on the small screen. As we’ve seen with shows like Game of Thrones and The Witcher, adapting a book series for television gives storytellers more time to fully flesh-out the characters, the world and most importantly, the story.

By splitting the Harry Potter book series into a seven-season television show, which would adapt one book each season, creatives would be able to deliver a full adaptation of the beloved series for the very first time. With ten hours to tell the story of each book in the series, there would be very little need to cut-out characters, storylines and events from the books. While we love the Harry Potter movies (they will always be there), there’s no denying that it would be fun to see Harry, Ron and Hermione’s adventures play-out on the small screen.


As proven by Netflix and other streaming services, viewers are turning-up to watch character and story-driven fantasy shows – and Harry Potter has the potential to be the biggest of them all. While I believe Warner Bros. is doing the right thing by exploring different characters and stories within the Wizarding World, such as the Fantastic Beasts prequel franchise, the time will eventually come for the studio to reboot the series for a new generation. I believe that the best way to reboot Harry Potter would be to create a television show, which would be able to adapt every moment of J.K. Rowling’s beloved book series – giving fans the ultimate Harry Potter experience.

Do you want to see a Harry Potter television show? Would you want it to be in live-action or animated? Let us know in the comments section below!


3 thoughts on “Would ‘Harry Potter’ Work As A Television Series?

  1. this post is giving me some mixed opinions. yes, a harry potter tv show would be amazing. but i feel like when you make something as good and creative as harry potter movies, you’ll get burnout and strugle to make something better. so there’s a really high chance these movies won’t be the best, and everyone would probaly have alot of opinions on whoever they re-booted. and 10 hours is probaly too much screentime. BUT if they fit everything in the book’s that happened, i won’t mind much. lastly, a harry potter cartoon tv series would make more kids into it, then a live action. plus,we already have the live action movies. so to make a diffrence, it would be better to hear voice actors and see animations play.

    sorry if i sound rude, i just wanted to give my opinion on the matter and no hate to the creator :]

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