7 Ways Newt Scamander Is Really Just The Doctor From ‘Doctor Who’

Did anyone else watch the Fantastic Beasts movies and think Newt Scamander looks and acts like The Doctor from Doctor Who? There’s no denying that Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander shares a lot of key characteristics with the Time Lord from Gallifrey, from his TARDIS-like suitcase to his eccentric personality.


For my latest post on The Blog That Must Not Be Named, I thought it would be fun to discuss the various similarities between Newt Scamander and The Doctor. Before I get into my list, I think it’s worth noting that I know I’m probably not the first person to highlight the similarities between Newt Scamander and The Doctor, but I thought it would make for a fun post for fans of both properties. It’s also worth saying that I am in no way criticising Doctor Who or the Fantastic Beasts series. I am a massive fan of both worlds, and appreciated the similarities between the two wonderful characters.

Take a look at my list below:

7. He’s An Eccentric Explorer

When you’re looking for similarities between Newt Scamander and The Doctor, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that both characters are eccentric individuals who love nothing more than exploring their worlds.

6. He Prefers To Stay Away From Violence

Newt and The Doctor are two characters that often find themselves at the centre of a violent event, but they are both more often than not the one looking for a non-violent resolution.


5. He’s Very, Very Intelligent

Aside from the rare exception, both The Doctor and Newt Scamander are usually the smartest character in any given space. Instead of simply fighting their way out of trouble, Newt and The Doctor always try to think their way to safety.

4. He Doesn’t Quite Understand Human Emotion

The Doctor and Newt Scamander both spend a great deal of time with people they care deeply about, but both characters struggle to fully understand and exhibit normal human emotions.


3. His Quirky Fashion Sense

With his quirky bow-tie, long coat and colourful scarf, it’s easy to see how Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander was inspired by the various interpretations of The Doctor.

2. He Likes The Company Of Humans

Much like The Doctor, who always prefers to be accompanied by a human on his adventures, Newt Scamander enjoys the company of a Muggle companion.


1. It’s Bigger On The Inside…

Do we really need to explain how Newt’s magical suitcase, which happens to be bigger on the inside, was inspired by The Doctor and his TARDIS?

Do you agree that Newt Scamander is basically The Doctor from Doctor Who? Let me know in the comments section below this post!

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