The Batman: Matt Reeves On Whether Superman Could Appear In A Sequel

Could Robert Pattinson’s Batman run into the man of steel?

In a recent interview with Colldier, director Matt Reeves was asked if Superman exists within the world of The Batman, or how he could be introduced in a future sequel. Reeves went on to explain, as he has done on many occasions, that his intention with The Batman was to deliver a grounded and realistic version of Gotham City, and that his interest doesn’t particularly lie in introducing fantastical elements to the story.


While Reeves doesn’t say that Superman is off the table forever, it seems like he’s more than focused on telling stories revolved around Batman and the extremely grounded world he inhabits.

Read what Reeves said below:

“It’s a high wire act to do a Batman movie, right? Because the character’s been around for 80 years, everyone has their own version in their head and there have been great movies. The last thing I wanted to do was come in there and feel like I had to do something with the highest degree of difficulty and then also find the ways that it connects to everything else. My thing was, from the beginning, I said, “Look, I think it’s enough to try and just do a bat verse, to do a Batman movie,” and that that’s where this begins. I suppose it’s not impossible to believe that somewhere down the line, they could connect to something else, but that was not my interest in this, and it’s not my interest in what we would do in follow-ups at the moment either. I feel like the whole point in us working with this incredible cast and this incredible crew to realize this movie that sort of, I really believe, is a fresh and different version of these characters is to pursue every … There are a lot of great characters in the Gotham world and so the idea of leaning into that, that’s really my interest right now.”


Collider’s Steve Weintraub followed-up by saying that he doesn’t need to see the man of steel in a sequel to The Batman, but would be interested in knowing if the character exists in the world. Reeves replied:

“You mean if it could? Is that what you’re saying? I mean, if something like that did happen, because I was very careful about … To me, what I try to do is take … I did this in the Apes films too, and even Cloverfield, this idea of taking the one fantastical element and then have everything around it, so it’ll be as grounded as possible, so that it could feel … I want it to feel emotionally real and to make everything feel very believable. In this movie, even further I think than what I did in those films, I tried to find the practical, believable version. If suddenly in the Batman world, you discovered that there was an alien that was Superman, there’d be a lot of shock. I mean, people would have to say, oh my God, and maybe that would be the one fantastical element. But to be honest with you, that is not the intention at this point, to figure out how to make that come. Look, we should be so lucky that this is a world that people embrace and that they say, oh my God, we want to see what would happen when those things collide. I think if that challenge ever presents itself, it would be an exciting one to explore, but I’d have to try and do it through this lens. You know what I mean? And that is absolutely right, that at the moment, to me, this world is the place that I want to focus.”


From what Reeves said, it seems that the filmmaker has no plans to introduce fantastical characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, at least for the time being, to The Batman franchise.

Looking at the style and tone of The Batman, it’s easy to see why Reeves would be hesitant to introduce characters like Superman to a sequel. Past filmmakers have received backlash for rushing into a connected cinematic universe, so it seems wise of Matt Reeves to build his Bat-verse without feeling forced to add other characters and worlds to the story. With that said, we’ve got to admit that we’d be incredibly excited to see Robert Pattinson’s Batman interact with fantastical characters like Superman.


You can watch Collider’s wonderful interview with Matt Reeves in the video below:


Do you want to see characters like Superman appear in a future sequel to The Batman? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Collider

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