Watch 14 Minutes Of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Gameplay

Wands at the ready Wizarding World fans, because a new look at Hogwarts Legacy has finally arrived!

Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming open-world Harry Potter RPG from developer Avalanche Software, is easily one of the most anticipated video games that 2022 has to offer – and we have an incredible new look at the game! A whopping 14 minutes of gameplay footage was revealed at a PlayStation State Of Play stream, giving fans of the Harry Potter universe a proper look at what to expect from the open-world game.


As you will see in the gameplay footage, Hogwarts Legacy will give viewers the opportunity create their own character, be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw) and explore every inch of Hogwarts Castle and its grounds. Players will need to use different spell combinations to defeat enemies, and will also be able to customise their characters with new powers as they move through the game. Watch the gameplay footage below:


Fans of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies will be more than comfortable playing Hogwarts Legacy, with locations and features that will be instantly recognisable, but players should also expect a few surprises. “There are familiar haunts like the Great Hall, clocktower and hospital wing, but also completely new places like the bustling kitchens,” said Hogwarts Environmental Lead Boston Madsen. “Having felt like a student in these halls myself through the development of this game, I can honestly say there are still areas I come across that I didn’t know about before.”

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to launch this holiday. 

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