‘Harry Potter’ TV Series In Development At Warner Bros.

It is being reported that Warner Bros. Discovery is close to making a deal with J.K. Rowling to produce a new television adaptation of the Harry Potter book series.

According to Bloomberg, each season of the proposed series would be based on one of Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, similar to the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. Bloomberg’s sources indicate that talks are still in the early stages, and Rowling has not yet signed off on the project.


It is reported that the deal would give J.K. Rowling a degree of creative involvement with the series, though she would not serve as primary creator or showrunner.

Warner Bros. discovery is looking for the series to help the company’s new streaming strategy. The series would reportedly be produced for HBO Max, which will soon be combined with Discovery+ and rebranded under a new name. The Harry Potter series has been a massive priority for the studio since David Zaslav took over as Chief Executive Officer and President. Zaslav has reportedly met with J.K. Rowling multiple times, and publicly stressed his focus on the franchise.


The news of a new Harry Potter adaptation comes as the studio prepares to host an April 12 presentation for investors and the general public. The event will preview the integration of HBO Max and Discovery+ as well as the company’s upcoming slate of streaming content.

Warner Bros. is responsible for the eight film adaptations of the Harry Potter series, which generated a whopping $7.7 billion at the global box office. The studio also produced the more recent Fantastic Beasts spin-off films – which have struggled to find the same magic at the box-office. Despite the fact that the Harry Potter film series concluded in 2011, the franchise has maintained it’s status as a cultural phenomenon, so it’s not surprising to hear that Warner Bros. Discovery wants to capitalise on the IP with a new television adaptation.


This news is sure to excite Harry Potter fans all over the world, as the franchise has continued to capture the imaginations of audiences since the release of the first book in 1997. A television series adaptation would provide a new way to experience the beloved stories and characters, and would likely receive widespread attention and acclaim from fans and critics alike.

There have been previous attempts to bring Harry Potter to television, including a rumored series that was in development at HBO Max in 2020. However, these plans never came to fruition, leaving fans disappointed and eager for more news about any future adaptations.


While it is still too early to say for certain whether this new Harry Potter TV series will become a reality, it is clear that Warner Bros. Discovery is confident in the potential of the project. We will certainly be keeping a close eye on any updates or developments, and eagerly anticipating the possibility of returning to the magical world of Harry Potter on our screens once again. Stay tuned for more Harry Potter news as it develops!

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